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Hear Me!

Hear Me!
Written by: EcoJustice 2010-2011
Performed by: Noel Castillo & EcoJustice
Music by: Dustin Kasun & Dale Wilson

An Eco first! Originally inspired in the chapel at St. John Bosco Camp, our eco song, evolved immensely throughout a six month period from a melodic piano-based song to a full-blown rap. The lyrics were written by EcoJustice students while the violin was performed by Dale Wilson. Lyrically each verse takes the perspective of an individual in need and are quite busy whereas the choruses are designed for reflection. Noel Castillo is the voice while Eco students sing the chorus. Enjoy our first-ever indie-release called Hear Me!

Play the full version:

Hear Me

Now it's your turn! You get to be the voice to the song! Play this instrumental version and sing along:

Hear Me (Instrumental)

Hear Me!

Have you ever went a day
Without food
Every day is a struggle
No food no water no family
I’m all alone
Abandoned in this world we call home
But the public has not been shown
That we’re stuck in the unknown
How could you leave me in this state?
You leave me alone to face my fate

We are everybody
That has been hurt
And not helped
We’ve been rejected
Our whole lives
They tell lies
They tell lies
I’ve been sitting here by myself
Stop putting my feelings on the shelf
Guaranteed their opinions’ overblown
Can the roots of love be sown?

People are pullin me down
I’m not the only one
Please help me
I need to clean up
And get my act up
I just need
To be heard
Hear these words
I’ve been hurt
Way to long
This my song
This our song
Come sing along

What have you done to me?
I’m the provider/ can’t you see
Why take it all
Give nothing back
Compassion is what you lack
You pollute & desecrate
It’s too late
You’re killing me with hate
This is my fate
It won’t be long, before I’m gone
What you’re doing is wrong

As I look at the world today
It pains me to say
I’m not as lucky as all of you
I don’t get to do the stuff you do
Just ‘cause I’m homeless
Doesn’t mean I don’t have rights
Just turn on the lights
And you will see
All the pain and suffering
That follows me
We just gotta turn “I” to “We”

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