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EcoJustice Recruitment
Parent Information Night @ Quance Theatre College of Education U of S - Tuesday May 7th @ 6:00pm. Deadline to apply is Friday, May 17th, 2019.

Mission Statement
"In a world where the shadows of poverty, injustice, and secularism are cast over every continent, the need for authentic disciples of Jesus Christ remains as urgent as ever."
- Pope John Paul II , March 23, 2004

EcoJustice: EcoJustice is a grade 8 environmental, adventure program housed out of St. Frances Bateman and College of Education U of S. The term EcoJustice is an approach that analyzes the increasing destruction of the world's diverse ecosystems, languages and cultures by the globalizing and ethnocentric forces of Western consumer culture. EcoJustice scholars and educators also study, support and teach about the ways that various cultures around the world actively resist these colonizing forces by protecting and revitalizing their commons that is the social practices and traditions, languages, and relationships with the land necessary to the sustainability of their communities.

EcoJustice is based on St. Francis of Assisi's system of beliefs. He believed in simplicity, poverty and relied on God's providence rather than worldly goods. In EcoJustice, students become aware of important global issues and actively pursue local social justice causes. Our program, through real life connections with the community and environment will develop students intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually while also enhancing their self-esteem and citizenship skills. This program's relevant and engaging experiential learning helps students to truly understand and critically evaluate real community issues that affect us all individually, provincially and globally as Canadians and Catholics. It is our hope that through the many experiences within the program, true disciples emerge.
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